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Abstract submitted to Vienna Conference Nov 2009
April 22, 2009 text of proposal to DOE for Detector Development. Version with no budget information.
June 11, 2004 Note converted from ps to pdf format.
2004 Paper submitted to Rome Italy, IEEE04 Conference. Abstract: We propose to measure the velocity of particles produced at a hadron or lepton collider by measuring the timeof- flight in a finely segmented cylindrical geometry, in which the particles product...
2005 Detector Development Proposal
A paper submitted to IEEE San Diego CA meeting May 19, 2006
July 20, 2006 One limiting factor in the speed of a 2"x2" MCP is the inductance in the path that charge has to ow from the anode back to the source of the charge, the micro-channel plate output. In this...
preprint (Chicago U., EFI) . Oct 2008. 18pp. Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A607:387-393,2009. e-Print: arXiv:0810.5590 [physics.ins-det] The development of large-area homogeneous photo-detectors with sub-millimeter path lengths for direct Cherenkov light and for secondary-electrons opens the possibility of large time-of-flight systems for relativistic...
Talk given at IBM on Mar 19 2007.
Talk given at ANL/Fermilab/UC Collaborative Presentations, Jun 26, 2008
Talk give on Oct 14, 2008, at Workshop on Picosecond Timing, Lyon France
Talk given on Dec 20. , 2008, at Argonne National Laboratory during Workshop
Talk given on Feb. 3 , 2009, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Talk at Workshop on Development of Large Area Fast Photo-detectors at ANL Feb 26, 2009
a talk HEPD Presentations and Visit by DOE rep Alan Stone Jun 6, 2009
June 3, 2009, Student final report on MCP with Transmision Line readout, time resolution as function of Pore size.
Talk at 29 Aug 2006 meeting. Simulation applications to PET.
Group meeting talk/presentaion 29 Aug 2006. Using Geant4 and GATE for simulation studies, an introduction.
Fermilab meeting on FNAL/UoC/ANL Collaboration 27 November, 2007
Talk at EFI UofChicago Dec 17-18 2007, Fast Timing Workshop Laborador Technology, ANITA
Talk at EFI, UofChicago, Dec 17-18, 2007 Meeting Timing resolution obtained from digitized pulses is comparable to analog CFD. Efficient calibration, especially system level for TOF PET Benefits for PET: Position, Energy, Time, and Count-rate Advanced algorithms
Talk at EFI U.of Chicago Dec 17-18th 2007 Meeting
Presentation at EFI Chicago, Dec 17-18th 2007 Meeting Time picking strategies, Timing using MCPs, Fast Sampling chip
Presentation at TWEPP 2008, Naxos, Greece, September 15-19 2008 Characteristics of MCP-PMT output signals • Readout techniques for picoseconds timing measurements • Transmission-line readout design and simulations (PDF)
Multi-threshold discriminator boards with adjustable thresholds developed and evaluated. Heejong Kim, 5 June 2008.(PPT) Presentated at SORMA conference.
F. Tang, 9 January 2008 (PDF)
Poster presented at the Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics, F. Tang, 5 Sept. 2007 (PPT)
Talk at the Workshop on Timing Detectors, Saclay, France, F. Tang, 8 March 2007 (PDF)
Talk at the Workshop on Timing Detectors, Saclay, France, H. Sanders, 8 March 2007 ( PDF)
A decription of the Argonne Laser Test Stand and the Fermilab Test Beam Facility.Status of Argonne Laser Teststand based on (Joint ANL – UC program) • Some first measurements (Argonne) • Overview of Fermilab TestBeam Facility (E.Ramberg) • FNAL Facility...
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