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107 Standardized Formats for End-to-End MCP-PMT Simulations

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Description: A goal of the LAPPD project is to be able to develop advanced MCP-PMT's using simulation to optimize the many parameters. This will require a realistic simulation of each step in the generation of the final digital output, including the creation of signal in the light source, transmission through the window, photo-conversion and emission in the photocathode, drifting in the 3 gaps in the stack, showering in the MCP pores, generation and transmission of signal in the anodes, and signal capture and digitization in the front-end electronics. A modular simulation framework will allow each step can be worked on by several people in parallel, especially students, for whom the simulation is a great teaching tool. A common format for the interface between modules makes possible a simple common set of tools to print out intermediate results, make histograms, and do simple analyses. Here we suggest a pair of simple default formats for each step in the chain.

Henry J Frisch
Jean-François Genat
Valentin Ivanov
Guilherme Nettesheim


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