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342 Performance of Large Area Picosecond Photo-Detectors (LAPPD TM)

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Description: We report on performance results achieved for recently produced LAPPDs. LAPPDs is a good candidate to be employed in neutrino experiments (e.g. ANNIE [1], WATCHMAN [2], DUNE [3]), particle collider experiments (e.g. EIC [4]), neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments (e.g. THEIA [5]), medical and nuclear non-proliferation applications.

Alexey Lyashenko
Bernhard Adams
Evan Angelico
Melvin Aviles
Till Cremer
Andrey Elagin
Jeffrey W. Elam
Camden Ertley
Michael R Foley
Henry J Frisch
Anil U. Mane
Michael Minot
Mark A Popecki
Ossy Siegmund
Eric Spieglan
Michael E Stochaj
William A Worstell

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