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73 Application of GO18-223 to B33 Borofloat Glass UPDATED 03-26-2010

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Description: RE: Evaluation of GO18-223 Frit Applied to B33 Glass (Borofloat) UPDATE This document has been updated to include results based on building small assemblies consisting to a top plate, bottom plate and side walls, using B33 glass and G018-223 Frit. In addition, a sandwich assembly was made, consisting of a silver coated B33 slide, with a top plate frit bonded to the silver. The sandwich remained intact following the frit bonding. Refer to Page 24 for these additional updates. It is noteworthy that the B33-Silver Coating Frit-B33 sandwich fused without any evidence of fracture. This seems to be at odds with recent observations from similar trials at Argonne. The samples shown in Figures 27 and 28 will be cross-sections and polished to allow microscopic inspection of the frit bond.

Michael Minot

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