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358 Anode Pad pickup 8 by 8

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Description: Gerber files are under pad-pickup-64-gerber folder. There are 64 minus 4 square pads on the front layer, four corner pads excluded. This is because only 60 channels are available. Each pads are labeled from 1 to 64, horizontal then vertical (again, pad 1, 8, 57 and 64 are excluded). Each pad has two through vias, which are connected to samtec connectors through differential pairs, plus and minus. In1 ground layer is connected to pad60-. In2 ground layer is connected to pad5-. People editing this file or moving to production should be familiar with the orientation and gender constraints on the SAMTEC connectors. A diagram and screenshot of ACDC gerbers is included that highlights how these mate via cables to the ACDC board. -Pad side length: 16mm -Pad spacing: 0.8mm -Differential route width: 0.4mm, about 16 mils -Differential route gap: 0.25 mm, about 10 mils -Back-In2 layer thickness; Difference route to ground height: 9 mils -In2-In1 layer thickness: TBD -In1-Front layer thickness: TBD

Evan Angelico
Jinseo Park



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