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349 Air-Transfer Production Method for Large-Area Picosecond Photodetectors

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Description: We have designed and prototyped the process steps for the batch production of large-area micro-channel-plate photomultipliers (MCP-PMT) using the ``air-transfer'' assembly process developed with single $\LAPPDTM$ modules. Results are presented addressing the challenges of designing a robust package that can transmit large numbers of electrical signals for pad or strip readout from inside the vacuum tube and hermetically sealing the large-perimeter window-body interface. We have also synthesized a photocathode in a large-area low-aspect-ratio volume, and shown that the micro-channel plates recover their functionality after cathode synthesis. The steps inform a design for a multi-module batch facility employing dual nested low-vacuum (LV) and ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) systems in a small-footprint. The facility design provides full access to multiple MCP-PMT modules prior to hermetic pinch-off for leak-checking and real-time photocathode optimization.

Bernhard Adams
Evan Angelico
Andrey Elagin
Michael R Foley
Henry J Frisch
Michael Minot
Eric Spieglan

Hermetic Packaging

Papers in preparation (posted on arXiv)

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