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338 Measurement Noise and Time-Base Calibration in ACDC Data

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Description: ADC data collected on an ACDC card with a generated 100 MHz sine wave input are analyzed with the goal of understanding the measurement noise in the system. Best fits to models are performed, and the residuals of the fits are examined. We take the point of view that correlations of the residuals with any system parameters represent systematic errors that can be measured and used for calibration. After all calibration is complete, we find that remaining noise levels are in the range of 0.6 mV to 0.9 mV regardless of whether the PSEC4 is powered by a linear voltage regulator or a switching voltage regulator. These noise levels are consistent with earlier measurements. One result of this analysis is the development of a method to perform time-base calibration for a PSEC chip using only the data from 50 software triggers. This method is shown to have an accuracy comparable with the ‘zero crossing method’ with 1 × 10 6 zero crossings, which takes about 50 000 triggers of data.

Charles Whitmer


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