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277 Large area event counting detectors with high spatial and temporal resolution

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Description: Novel large area microchannel plates (MCPs) constructed using micro-capillary arrays functionalized by atomic layer deposition (ALD) have been successfully demonstrated in large for- mat detectors (10 cm and 20 cm) with cross delay line and cross strip readouts. Borosilicate micro- capillary substrates allow robust MCPs to be made in sizes to 20 cm, the intrinsic background rates are low (< 0.06 events cm−2 sec−1), the channel open area can be made as high as 85%, and the gain after preconditioning (vacuum bake and burn-in) shows virtually no change over > 7 C cm−2 extracted charge.

Jeffrey W. Elam
Henry J Frisch
Anil U. Mane
Jason McPhate
Ossy Siegmund
Anton Tremsin
J Vallerga
Robert G. Wagner

Micro-Channel Plate

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