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123 A novel atomic layer deposition method to fabricate economical and robust large area microchannel plates

Original Uploaded File: Download Manuscript_for_SPIE_-02-14-2011-final.pdf

Description: Anil U. Mane, Qing Peng, Matthew J. Wetstein, Wagner G. Robert, Henry J. Frisch, Oswald H. W. Siegmund, Michael J. Minot, Bernhard W. Adams, Matthieu C. Chollet and Jeffrey W. Elam

Bernhard Adams
Matthieu C Chollet
Jeffrey W. Elam
Henry J Frisch
Anil U. Mane
Michael Minot
Qing Peng
Ossy Siegmund
Robert G. Wagner
Matthew Wetstein

Micro-Channel Plate

Conference Proceedings

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