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1 New Developments in Fast-Sampling Readout of Micro-Channel Plate Based Large Area Pico-second Time-of-Flight Detectors

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Description: Detectors based on Micro-Channel Plate structures coupled to transmission lines could be used to cover large areas while keeping their outstanding timing properties. This development is a key step towards very large area photo-detectors with excellent space and time resolutions, possible “game changers” in high energy physics, medical imaging, and security. A readout device consisting of transmission lines with 3.5 GHz analog bandwidth coupled to the anodes of a 2”x 2” device is presented. Simulations predict that waveform sampling using ASICs in the 10 Giga-sample/second range allows measuring both space with millimeter precision and fast timing at a few pico-seconds resolution. Proceeding IEEE meeting.Manuscript received November 14, 2008

John T Anderson
Karen Byrum
Gary Drake
Camden Ertley
Henry J Frisch
Jean-François Genat
Edward May
David Salek
Fukun Tang


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