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324 Towards a microchannel-based X-ray detector with two-dimensional spatial and time resolution and high dynamic range

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Description: An x-ray detector based on MCPs. An MCP ALD-coated with tungsten (thermally oxidized after coating) serves as an x-ray photocathode that matches the x-ray stopping depth to the electron escape depth. X-rays hit pore walls at grazing incidence, so that electrons can escape from a shallow sub-surface layer. They are extracted from the pores by an electric field and proceed to a stack of 33-mm MCPs for gain. The readout anode has strips, similarly to the ones in LAPPD. A serendipitous result is that with RF amplifiers integrated into the anode, the MCP gain can be reduced to minimize the extracted charge, and the detected event rate is of the order of 1 million per second and ***pore***

Bernhard Adams
Matthieu C Chollet
Jeffrey W. Elam
Anil U. Mane
Razib Obaid
Matthew Wetstein



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