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296 Creation of economical and robust large area MCPs by ALD method for photodetectors

Original Uploaded File: Download Mane, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9968 99680C-1, on 09302016.pdf

Description: We report a cost-effective and production achievable path to fabricate robust large-area microchannel plates (MCPs), which offers the new prospect for larger area MCP-based detector technologies. We used atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), a thin film growth technique, to independently adjust the desired electrical resistance and secondary electron emission (SEE) properties of low cost borosilicate glass micro-capillary arrays (MCAs). These capabilities allow a separation of the substrate material properties from the signal amplification properties. This methodology enables the functionalization of microporous, highly insulating MCA substrates to produce sturdy, large format MCPs with unique properties such as high gain (>107/MCP pair), low background noise, ~10ps time resolution, sub-micron spatial resolution and excellent stability after only a short (2-3days) scrubbing time.

Jeffrey W. Elam
Anil U. Mane
Michael Minot
Ossy Siegmund
Robert G. Wagner

Micro-Channel Plate

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