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276 Optical and UV Sensing Sealed Tube Microchannel Plate Imaging Detectors with High Time Resolution

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Description: (believed to be-variations exist) Proceedings of the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference, held in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, September 9-12, 2014, Ed.: S. Ryan, The Maui Economic Development Board, id.E103 Bibliographic Code: 2014amos.confE.103S Imaging photon counting sensors, with high timing resolution, using GaAs and Super-GenII photocathodes have been developed. These 18 mm active area format sensors with microchannel plates and cross strip anode readouts in combination with high speed event processing electronics can process high event rates (5 MHz with 82% livetime), and support local area counting rates of ~40 kHz (100 μm spot). For GaAs the peak quantum efficiency is ~30% (@ 560 nm) with spatial resolution of ~40 μm FWHM (~ 106 gain) and event timing resolution of ~260 ps (FWHM). For Super-GenII the peak quantum efficiency is ~20% with spatial resolution of <30 μm FWHM (~6 x105 gain) and event timing resolution of <100 ps (FWHM). We have also used novel microchannel plates that have been constructed with borosilicate microcapillary arrays and activated by atomic layer deposition. Examples have been incorporated into sealed tubes for evaluation. One trial uses an opaque GaN photocathode deposited onto these microchannel plates in a tube with a cross delay line readout. This device achieves ~40 μm spatial resolution, and its gain increased by an order of magnitude during the tube processing to achieve a uniform stable level. A 50mm Planacon was also constructed using atomic layer deposited microchannel plates, and this achieves standard bialkali quantum efficiency levels and has been used to detect fast laser pulse signals.

Jeffrey W. Elam
J Hull
Anil U. Mane
Aileen O'Mahony
Ossy Siegmund
Anton Tremsin
J Vallerga

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