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274 Performance Characteristics of Atomic Layer Functionalized Microchannel Plates

Original Uploaded File: Download Oswald H. Siegmund, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8859, 88590Y · © 2013 SPIE 88590Y.pdf

Description: Microchannel plates that have been constructed by atomic layer deposition of resistive and secondary emissive layers, onto borosilicate glass microcapillary arrays provide a novel alternative to conventional microchannel plates for detection of radiation and particles. Conventional microchannel plates can also benefit from atomic layer deposition of highly efficient secondary emissive layers. Our evaluations of these techniques have revealed unique features of atomic layer functionalized microchannel plates, including enhanced stability and lifetime, low background rates, and low levels of adsorbed gas. In addition borosilicate glass microcapillary arrays show enhanced physical and thermal robustness, which makes it possible to successfully fabricate large area devices (20 cm) with good uniformity of operational characteristics.

Christopher Craven
Jeffrey W. Elam
Henry J Frisch
Gautam Gunjala
Anil U. Mane
Jason McPhate
Michael Minot
Nathan Richner
Ossy Siegmund
Anton Tremsin
Robert G. Wagner

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