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273 Application of atomic layer deposited microchannel plates to imaging photodetectors with high time resolution

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Description: Novel microchannel plates have been constructed using borosilicate glass micro-capillary array substrates with 20 mm and 10 mm pores and coated with resistive, and secondary electron emissive, layers by atomic layer deposition. Microchannel plates in 33 mm, 50 mm and 20 cm square formats have been made and tested. Although their amplification, imaging, and timing properties are comparable to standard glass microchannel plates, the background rates and lifetime characteristics are considerably improved. Sealed tube detectors based on the Planacon tube, and a 25 mm cross delay line readout tube with a GaN(Mg) opaque photocathode deposited on borosilicate microchannel plates have been fabricated. Considerable progress has also been made with 20 cm microchannel plates for a 20 cm format sealed tube sensor with strip-line readout that is being developed for Cherenkov light detection.

Christopher Craven
Jeffrey W. Elam
Camden Ertley
Henry J Frisch
Anil U. Mane
Jason McPhate
Michael Minot
Aileen O'Mahony
Nathan Richner
Ossy Siegmund
Anton Tremsin
J Vallerga
Robert G. Wagner

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