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213 Measuring the Roughness of Buried Interfaces by Sputter Depth Profiling

Original Uploaded File: Download ZnO-MgO interfaces - Sergey - Nanotech 2012.pdf

Description: We report results of high-resolution sputter depth profiling of an alternating MgO/ZnO nanolayer stack grown by atomic layer deposition (ALD) of ≈5.5 nm per layer. We used an improved dual beam time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer to measure 24Mg+ and 64Zn+ intensities as a function of sample depth. Analysis of depth profiles by the mixing–roughness–information model yields a 1.5 nm nanolayer interfacial roughness within the MgO/ZnO multilayer. This finding was cross-validated using specular x-ray reflectivity. Such an analysis further suggested that the 1.5 nm roughness corresponds to native/jig-sawed interfacial roughness rather than interfacial interdiffusion during the ALD growth.

S V Baryshev
Jeffrey W. Elam
J A Klug
Qing Peng
C E Tripa
Igor V. Veryovkin
Alexander V. Zinovev

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